Our Story

 The concept of PeKANT Tea was born on Long Island, and  hand crafted one bottle at a time from the kitchen stove.  Our goal was to create a healthy and functional alternative to sugary processed beverages, while incorporating an innovative and artisanal twist on a bottled tea.  We use simple and natural ingredients, including premium teas and organic fruits for a clean label recipe. 

   What truly sets us apart is the balanced and subtle infusion of chili heat. This brings an additional flavor profile to the recipe, and we avoid adding sugar or sweeteners.   We know there are many people out there who appreciate and enjoy the known benefits of tea, but are stuck with the high calorie options out there. PeKANT Tea offers a lightly sweet, unique flavor while maintaining a healthy and natural nutritional profile.

   As a small, local company we took our creation to farmers markets and festivals where the response was very positive.  We now hope to bring our product and concept to you.  

Simple and Natural


Loose Leaf, Fair Trade, Organic Tea. Brewed Hot, enjoyed cold.


Real Organic Fruit Purees to lightly sweeten, and provide natural aromas.  


Organic Habanero. This is not 3 alarm heat, just a subtle infusion for a unique cold-heat sensation.